Kandovan Stone Village Iran

Kandovan is located in the northern Iranian mountain-region near the cities Osku and Tabriz and is known for its unique rock-carved houses which date back more than 700 years. Iranian people dug hideouts in the giant volcanic cliffs all those years ago and have remained there until today. Since that time these houses have become much more elaborate and contain such luxuries as kitchens, hallways and bedrooms and decorative glass.

Most houses face south so as to capture the daytime sunshine. Apparently a clever air circulation system has traditionally kept the homes cool in summer and warm in winter. Nowadays they have the modern conveniences of electricity, piped water and even plumbing.

The Kandovan region shares a lot of similarities to the Cappadocian region in Turkey. Amazingly Kandovan has a 5 star hotel (based on whose star rating I have no idea) which would be very interesting to check out if you’re ever in the area!

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