Design Harmony

Have you ever wondered why certain houses seem to resonate well with their dwellers while others don’t? A home can be an amazing place to live if you have the right elements in the design.

Design harmony is about designing the spaces in a house in a way that allows it to be a living breathing entity with its own life. Doing so can transform a home into a powerful place to live. Creating flow in a house is what harmonious design is about, marrying inside and out, giving each room a life in relation to the surrounding rooms and creating balanced natural light.

If a house has been harmoniously design you’ll feel yourself relax, breath deeply and expand into the space. It allows you to spread out and inhabit the whole area.

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui are design systems¬†that use the knowledge of the flow of Universal energy to design homes. What’s interesting about them is that they consider the connection between the dweller and the house. In particular, Vastu uses a designprinciple that looks at the astrology chart of the woman of the house and designs the house around her. I guess the idea is that if the woman of the house is happy the house will be in harmony!

In more recent times a group of architects and student architects came together in 1977 to look for and compile the various patterns of behaviour and form that shape our experience and affect the way we live. A Pattern Language has since evolved into a set of critical and simple patterns that happily make design more accessible to the likes of you and I.


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