Cosy Design

Cosiness is a feeling, a comfortable sense when you walk into a room. It’s about being warm and snug. It’s an environment that’s warm and friendly. A cosy space evokes a feeling a refuge, safety, a space where your whole body relaxes and you can easily unwind.

It can be rustic, ethnic, traditional, cottage-style, old-worldly. You can design a cosy atmosphere by using earthy elements like wood, stone, mudbrick. There’s something about these materials that can never be imitated in the contemporary world of manufactured synthetics and steels. One thing it’s not is contemporary. In fact cosy design probably lies at the other end of the spectrum from contemporary.

To create a cosy environment you’ll need a few ingredients. Natural materials like wood and stone are always a winner when used in the right proportions. Use warm colours to create a glow. Create nooks and crannies. Get some nice thick rugs to cover the floors. Use warm comfy furniture like big squishy couches with big squishy cushions. Use warm, soft lighting and create lots of natural light where possible.

On this page we showcase some of the best examples of cosy designs we know. It gives you an idea of what KoziQi is about and gives you a springboard to jump into the yummy creative world of cosy designs. We’d love for you to share your cosy designs with us. Submit A Design and share your story with us.


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