Irish Stone Cottage

Ah, the ould sod. How I miss these cute cosy little stone cottages.

Irish houses traditionally are stone cottages with thatched  roofs and small windows (to minimise the amount of cold that gets through). Walking into an old Irish house you will find a large living area with a wide open fireplace against an end wall. The fireplace was and often still is the centre of the home. Food was cooked there, clothes were dried there, water was boiled there. Invariably there would be a kettle of water on the fire, ready to make a cup of tea should a neighbour stick their head in the door unexpectedly.

You would find one main bedroom downstairs for the elders of the house and a loft bedroom above it, reached by ladder. You’re also very likely to find a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the wall with a red light underneath – the ever-burning flame of His heart.

Many many houses have been built in recent years in this traditional style, particularly in areas of Ireland where traditional culture is still strong such a Gaeltacht areas (native Irish speaking regions).


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